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Your IM or KM system has been running for some time. You think that the organisation should now be collecting information about the system’s performance. Your colleagues disagree. They feel that the system is supported by well-conceived policies and procedures that ensure satisfactory performance. What would you say to them? (100–150 words)

Reference no: EM131436219

Use of youtube video to promote its products

Assume you are a consultant to TopSpin, a tennis equipment manufacturerer that sells it products directly to customers on the Web. TopSpin is considering the use of YouTube vi

The managers changing work environment

You will learn about the general environment which can affect a company's success including economic forces, technological forces, socio cultural forces, demographics forces,

Low-cost and focused differentiation strategies attractive

In what market and competitive circumstances are focused low-cost and focused differentiation strategies attractive? Explain why price changes are inevitable and marketing man

Strengths and weaknesses of amazon pricing strategy

What are the strengths and weaknesses of amazon's pricing strategy? How do its prices compare with competitors on specific books? On these specific books, how do amazon's pric

Decision making and framing process

Your organization is located in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the nation. Your organization hosts and supplies services to all the courts in the United States, incl

Identify an organizational-level goal

Identify an organizational-level goal that would be incorporated into an annual business strategy (e.g., financial performance, service, productivity, competitive advantage,

Identify the type of business that organisation is involved

Identify the type of business that the organisation is involved in. Where possible, state the name of the organisation. Identify the five key competitive factors/priorities wi

Defining right organization structure-putting right skills

Pick one of the structure templates: Defining the roles and responsibilities, Selecting the right organization structure, Putting the right skills and talent in place; to comp


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