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The U.S. Bureau of the Mint, a federal agency, produces collectible items such as commemorative coins and medals. Due to prior incidents of theft, a video surveillance was conducted on the production line of the Mint. In what appears to be Herb, a line employee, dropping medals on the floor and later picking them up and putting them in his pocket while sweeping the workplace. Based on the tape, Mint officials search Herb's locker and find the stolen medals. Can Herb have the search invalidated on the grounds that it was unjustified? What is your reasoning?

Reference no: EM131032049

Did the conduct of the salesperson constitute fraud

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An investor holds two stocks, each of which can rise (R), remain unchanged (U), or decline (D) on any particular day. Assume that for the first stock (on a particular day) P(R

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While the media may try to communicate a message of non-bias when it comes to gender in advertising, there is still a significant amount of information that communicates the e

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In an effort to convince customer prospects that the product being offered has the correct / appropriate bundle of benefits to meet their respective end-user needs, marketers

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How might culture can affect strategy selection, organizational structure, and leadership style? How can these affect global business success? Are there cultures that have an

Assuming poisson arrivals and exponential service times

Agan Interior Design provides home and office decorating assistance to its customers. In normal operation, an average of 2.9 customers arrive each hour. One design consultant


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