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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment - Motivation and career expectations of university students

Task: The overall aim of the assignment is to give you an opportunity to collect and analyse original data about the motivation, satisfaction and career expectations of university students. Your analysis should be based on the interviews of two university students.

Interview protocol: You should use the interview protocol provided in this assignment briefing document. You can add questions to the interview protocol if you wish to investigate a further topic relating to the career aspirations of university students, but it is sufficient to use the interview protocol without additional questions.

Structure: The assignment should have the following sections:

1. Identify one or two themes that appear similar between the two interviewees and analyse these themes in relation to existing academic literature on the topic.

2. Identify one or two themes where the two interviewees seem to have different views and provide possible explanations for why this is the case, potentially in reference to previous academic research.

3. References: Include all your sources using the Harvard referencing style. You can demonstrate the range and quality of your reading through the list of references. The list of references is not part of the word count.

4. Appendix 1: Interview transcripts. You should record your interviews and enclose transcripts of your interviews to the assignment. Remember to note the date, time and location of the interviews as well as the gender of the interviewee. The transcripts are not part of the word count.

Selecting interviewees: You should interview two university students who are not working on a full-time basis. It is recommended that you select interviewees who differ in relation to one attribute such as education (e.g. history, engineering, psychology), nationality, cultural background, or gender. For example, you could interview two engineering students, one studying in the UK and the other in the US. Even though it is not possible to generalise from the similarities or differences between only two people, limiting the difference between the interviewees to one major characteristic will give you an opportunity to explore whether any similarities or differences may be a result of the difference between the interviewees. In addition, interviewing people from different backgrounds is likely to produce more diverse and rich interview findings.

Interview protocol:

"Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my assignment at UCL. The assignment is about motivation and career expectations. Before we start, it is important that you know that you can withdraw from the interview at any stage by letting me know that you would like to stop the interview. You should also know that your name will not be recorded and it will not appear on any documents including the assignment."

"I would like to record this interview. Can you please confirm you are happy with this?"

1. What degree are you currently studying at university?

2. If you think about an ideal role or a career for you, what are the most important aspects of the role or career to you and why?

3. I am going to read out six qualities of a job role to you. Can you let me know which one is the most important one to you and why?

  • Job content
  • Colleagues and social atmosphere
  • Career development and prospects
  • Financial rewards
  • Work-life balance
  • Importance to society

4. Is there something in your background that you think has affected your study and career plans and if so, what and how?

5. If you had to identify one single person who has had most impact on your career plans, who would this be and why?

6. How long do you expect to work for your first employer?

7. What determines how long you stay with the first employer?

8. How soon do you expect to be promoted after you start your first full-time role?

9. Do you expect to take on a management or leadership role? At what stage of your career? [If no, ask why not.]

10. What do you expect your starting salary to be in pounds? [Ask for an exact amount.]

11. Comparing yourself to people you know, how important is salary to you?

12. If you by chance inherited enough money to live comfortably without working, do you think you would work anyway and why?

13. Do you think your gender has an influence on what career aspirations you have and if so, how?

14. Is there anything else you would like to say about the topic of motivation at work?

15. Finally, how old are you?

Word limit: 1,200-1,600 words (excluding references and transcript appendices).

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

Reference no: EM132233624

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Instructions: Need 1500+ words. Interview guidelines: Interviews require you to establish an environment where the interviewee feels comfortable and where there are no distractions. Coffee shops are not normally appropriate places for an interview because they are noisy and the interview can be overheard. It is important that you are as unbiased as possible and do not ‘lead’ the interview to a direction that seems natural or desirable to you. You should be focussed on obtaining authentic and genuine views from the interviewee.


2/13/2019 2:35:23 AM

You should be prepared to encourage the interviewee to talk more. One of the most common problems with interviews is that the interviewee provides very short answers that give you limited data for your research. This is why it is important to make the interviewee comfortable and carry out the interview in an appropriate environment. If the interviewee does not provide thorough answers, be ready to prompt them by using short questions such as “Can you tell me more about …” or “Do you have an example that sheds light on this issue?”


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Thorough and rich interview material. Evidence of wide reading around the subject; critical analysis and reflection; thorough and insightful application of theory and analysis of data; excellent and logical flow of well supported arguments. Remember to reference all your sources. Referencing is important because it helps you to avoid plagiarism and demonstrate the quantity and quality of your reading.

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