Collapse of bronze age civilization
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This is a list of significant names, terms, events, or concepts with which you should be familiar. From this list, you will have to write essay-style answers This means that your answers should be written in complete sentences (no point-form responses) organized into paragraphs. There is no set length required for your answers because of the differing amounts of information available in your lecture notes and textbook (i.e. some topics are addressed in greater detail than others). Most of the topics listed below have been discussed in the class lectures. Others may not be discussed very much, if at all, in class but are clearly explained in your text.

You will be expected in your answers to define fully, and explain the significance of each. In the definition component of each answer, please describe the ‘who', ‘what', ‘when', and ‘where' of each selection. In discussing its significance, please explain ‘why' it was important in the history of ancient Greece.

1. Cnossos2. Collapse of Bronze Age civilization (including the fall of Mycenae)3. The polis and political unification4. Homer5. Colonization and its motives6. Ethnos7. The Greek alphabet and writing8. Oikos9. Panhellenism and Panhellenic institutions10. The hoplite army11. Herodotus12. The Delian League13. Thucydides14. Trireme15. Socrates.

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