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Collaborative Informal Research Report:
Writing Task 7

For this assignment, you will work with at least one other writer (no more than four) to create a memorandum in which you either justify or recommend a course of action or analyze the feasibility of following some course of action. See 256 -260 for specific details about Justification/Recommendation reports and Feasibility Reports. In addition, you must consult primary (at least one primary) and secondary sources that you either reference (APA documentation) or cite (MLA documentation) in your memo. Therefore, your memo will include a References (APA) or Work Cited (MLA) and include internal documentation within the memo.


1. Read Chapter 9: "Informal Reports" in Essentials of Business Communication. Remember to use proper formal memorandum format_ Use pp. 258-259 as a model/sample.

2. Find a writing partner(s), and brainstorm possible issues/topics. Will you suggest updating tools or equipment at your auto service center? Does adopting a new procedure make sense to enhance productivity in your workplace? Will you analyze whether changing insurance plans makes sense to save funds? Etc. Find a scenario/issue that works for you and your writing partner(s).

3. Find primary and secondary sources to provide background and to enhance your arguments. Remember to include at least one primary source: interview, informal poll/survey, etc.

4. Read and analyze source material and either note or highlight important information to be used in your memo.

5. Start composing and organizing.

6. Determine whether to use a direct or an Indirect strategy to reveal information and illuminate your claim/argument. (See p. 257 for help.)

7. Highlight your findings and conclusions in a highly readable and understandable fashion.

8. Remember to cite or reference within memo (internal documentation).

9. Create a References or Works Cited page.

10. Make sure all members initial *From:" line in memo

11. Be sure to save evidence of the writing process in the form of initial drafts for submittal with your final copy.

12. Revise-revise-revise!

13. Submit one self•assessment and one peer evaluation form from another group with your final draft.

14. Print your final copy of the memo, and include rough drafts and all evaluation forms.

Reference no: EM131062738

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