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1. Discuss the customer buying process for one of Cisco's products. Discuss the selling process. In what ways do these processes differ from those found in buying and selling broadband router for home use?

2. Is the relationship between Cisco's own collaborative culture and the products and services it sells something that could work for all companies? Consider this issue for a consumer products company like P&G.

Reference no: EM131272810

State the average price and quantity exchanged in the market

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that insurgents in Iraq had taken over a major oil refinery. What would you predict would happen to the average price and quantity

Collective bargaining on employee behavior

In this section, you will discuss the impact of collective bargaining on employee behavior. You must choose at least three ways that collective bargaining impacts employee beh

How do the activities in the business model fit together

What is basic business model? How do the activities in business model fit together? The most effective technique to use to answer these questions is to create a table or fig

Unprecedented number of mega-mergers

The last decade has witnessed an unprecedented number of mega-mergers in the banking industry: Bank of America's acquisitions of Fleet Bank, MBNA, and U.S. Trust; Bank of Ne

Compare the firm stock price

What would happen to the price of the stock if now the ROE of the firm is only 10%, lower than the required rate of return? Compare the firm's stock price with a ROE of 10%

Company is whole foods market

Decisions: Based on the potential business ethics and regulatory issues, what are the business decisions that you will need to make? What processes will be used to make thes

Evaluate the likely economic effects for countries

Evaluate the likely economic effects for countries, such as Poland and Russia, that have transformed their economies away from the command economy system towards a market ec

Explain how will these expectations affect tendency of us

Assume that the dollar is presently weak and is expected to strengthen over time. Explain how will these expectations affect the tendency of U.S. investors to invest in fore


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