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At steady state, a heat pump provides energy by heat transfer at the rate of 25,000 Btu/h to maintain a dwelling at 708F on a day when the outside temperature is 308F. The power input to the heat pump is 4.5 hp. Determine (a) the coefficient of performance of the heat pump. (b) the coefficient of performance of a reversible heat pump operating between hot and cold reservoirs at 708F and 308F, respectively, and the corresponding rate at which energy would be provided by heat transfer to the dwelling for a power input of 4.5 hp.

Reference no: EM13949889

Determine the maximum shear stress in the shaft

A hydrofoil boat has an AISI 1020 Hot Rolled steel propeller shaft that is 100 ft. long. It is connected to an in-line diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 2500 hp a

Device creates or destroys energy or destroys entropy

The Acme Company claims to have designed an adiabatic turbine that will produce 126.2 BTU per pound of steam. The operating conditions are labeled on the diagram below. Is thi

Find the corresponding damping coefficient

Find the corresponding damping coefficient c. Identify the system parameters such as the natural frequency and damped frequency. Derive the mathematical expression of the di

Drag coefficient of semi-tractor trailer without cab fairing

The drag coefficient (Cd) of a semi-tractor trailer without a cab fairing is 0.96,and with the fairing is 0.76 based on frontal area of 80ft^2. if power=Force * velocity, dete

Determine the moment about points a b and c of the force

Design criteria require that the robot exert the 90-N force on the part as shown while inserting a cylindrical part into the circular hole. Determine the moment about points

Quasi­equilibrium isothermal expansion process

A piston cylinder device contains 3 kg of air at 300 kPa and 25°C. During a quasi­equilibrium isothermal expansion process, 20 kJ of boundary work is done by the system, and 8

Estimate the maximum power output

A dam is proposed on a remote stream that measures approximately 25-cm deep by 350-cm wide with an average velocity of 2.2 m=s. If the dam can be constructed so that the fre

Fully developed laminar flow in a circular tube

The velocity profile for a fully developed laminar flow in a circular tube can be described using u = umax [1 – (r/R)2]. Obtain an expression for the shear force per unit volu


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