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When it comes to assessing youjr training needs, Connor & Pokora (2012) state that a good place to start is to ask yourself why are you interested in training traits at this time in your life an work (p.117). One approach to exploring your training needs is based on a typology of learning. Pedler and Aspinwall (1996) describe four types of learning, which are explained (found on page 120) (as cited in Connors & Pokora, 2012). After reading about the four types of learning, share your responses to the four statements listed below and then share with us what insights you have gained based on your responses.

Complete the following statements:

1. I want to know more about/fine out about...

2. I wanto to be able to....

3 I would like to become a person who....

4. In our organization,  would like us to.....

Now share what insights you have gained concerning what is important to you with regards to coaching and mentoring training based on your responses.

Reference no: EM131433289

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