Clinical assessment of orthodontic treatment

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Clinical assessment of orthodontic treatment need and self-perception of patient.

The level of agreement between normativeassessment of orthodontic treatmentneed and patient's self-perception.

- Concise, up to date and critical review of background literature

- Rationale and justification for study clearly presented

- Clear and appropriate aims and objectives

The structure of literature review:

- Short introduction (what is the review going to cover, how is it structured?).

- Review of the existing evidence using subheadings.

- Limitations of previous research and gaps in current knowledge -justification for

- doing the study.

- Summary.

- Followed by aims /objectives /hypotheses (can be separate chapter).

About 3000 words.

You should write following:

• About malocclusion, prevalence and burden.
• Why malocclusion is public health problem?
• Clinical assessment of orthodontic treatment need and patients perception
• Has anyone looked at characteristics of the patients (in our case children) who require orthodontic treatment and who is not? Is there any differences? In terms of social status, education of parents, gender?
• Define the gaps according to previous studies
• Give rational and justification
• Come up with an appropriate aims and objectives

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Reference no: EM13767884

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