Classify the new york times stories as international news

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1. Describe how text mining could be used to determine from a member of Congress' tweets whether she is conservative or liberal.

2. Describe how text mining could be used to classify The New York Times stories as international news, political news, celebrity news, financial news, science and technology news, entertainment news, obituary, and sports news.

Reference no: EM131380726

Developing an operational plan for your organisation

You are responsible for developing an operational plan for your organisation. The strategic plan has already been written and sets the following direction for the coming yea

Summarize the experiment and findings of shaffer and article

In this PowerPoint presentation, provide a 2-slide summary of each of the following: Bounded Awareness, Framing and Reversal of Preferences. To conclude your presentation, pr

Health care information systems are important

Health Care Information Systems are important in dispensing of information throughout the organization. You will develop a research paper on a health care technology that has

Create business value for a firm

Please write a two page (approx. 800 words) report that outlines how your chosen theme can create business value for a firm or an industry of your choice. The chosen theme i

Which lot sizing rule might use the eoq calculation

Which lot sizing rule might use the EOQ calculation? If forecast demand exceeds the total factory or supply capacity, managers might simply decide not to meet forecast demand

Staffing plan for a growing business

You are a former certified education administrator who departed your former position to become the owner of a small, in-home day care consisting of you and a part-time assis

A major hotel brand

Provide a brief overview of the brand including an overview of its parent company (if applicable), age of the brand and a brief history, number of properties, average number r

Evaluate the relationship between ethics and leadership

Apply at least two theoretical concepts from managerial ethics to examine this dilemma critically. Go on to examine and critically evaluate the relationship between ethics, le


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