Classify as appetitive or consummatory behaviors

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Q1: When considering how much variation in behavior is genetic and how much is environmental, how does the " uterine environment" in which a fetus matures complicate matters?


Q2: Examine an animal that you can spend some time observing for at least 10 minutes. Prepare a brief ethogram (five behaviors at most), and classify them as appetitive or consummatory behaviors.

Q3: Locate an internet source discussing a clear relationship between dependent and independent factors. Is this relationship correlative or causal? And do correlative relationships imply that they are nothing more than coincidental?

Q4:Don't like any of these questions? Ask one ofyour own, and then answer it. Note that your question should be substantive,just like your answer, and the question should be in a format that invitesfurther discussion. Avoid questions like "Why are kittens cute?" or "Are sharksvicious?"

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Reference no: EM13734665

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