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A bank finds that a certain area within a city contains many risky investments and therefore refuses to give loans to people who live and work in the area. Do you feel it is ethical for government to step in and ban such a practice? Why or why not? Explain. 

Reference no: EM13172386

Ethical considerations in us constitution

What is the framework that the Constitution of the United States establishes to ensure that all citizens are treated with the same ethical considerations?

Issues of local censorship of art

What will be the focus of your paper? Do you have a main point that you are trying to make? Or are you planning to describe something for the sake of conveying information?

Key developments in the british welfare state

Political ideologies have influenced key developments in the British welfare state.' Discuss this statement with reference to at least one political ideology, and one of th

What is the role of cbpr and how can it improve health

For this Discussion, refer to page 277 of your text and review the table of principles for CBPR. Consider how CBPR may contribute to positive health outcomes in populations.

Range of shortage costs would stocking

A manager intends to order a new machine and must now decide on the number of spare parts to order along with the machine. The parts cost $400 each and have no salvage value.

Identify reinforcements that can be used to change behavior

Will punishment be used (initially) to change the behavior? If so, list the factors that are most effective when using punishment to change behaviors. If not, discuss why pu

Examine federal tort claims acts

Examine the Federal Tort Claims Acts (FTCA). Discuss whether these laws reduce the risk to citizens or does it serve a compelling state interest. Analyze Dolan v. United State

What court cases contributed to the change

Complete a 3 page paper on the philosophy of the U.S. corrections system. How has the philosophy of the U.S. corrections system changed over the years? What effects has the


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