Choosing a service provider such as a hairstylist
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Consider this scenario:

Your automobile breaks down after giving you 10 great years of use. Costs to repair it are so high that you decide to purchase a new automobile. You have the option of buying the same brand and model, of course, but your needs a decade ago might be very different from what they are now. You may have more or less money to spend. You may have children now, or your children may be grown and living away from the home. You may place greater importance on the after-sale services available through the dealer and manufacturer, such as extended hours, free shuttle transportation, emergency service via satellite communication, and so forth. Or you may simply be aware of new models that have captured your imagination through effective marketing strategies. In any case, you need more information, so you begin to search for it. This information can be considered a service provided by various people, websites, etc.

Now think about purchasing a service such as that offered by a hair stylist (or barber). What would influence your choice? Price? Referrals? Experience? Convenience (always available and nearby)?

Regardless of whether you are choosing a product (with or without bundled services such as a car warranty) or choosing a service provider such as a hairstylist, you have some requirements and may develop others during the decision process.

Post by Day 5 a list describing two activities that you did over a weekend, along with the following:

  • Describe any products or services you used or purchased to engage in these activities and the brand used or purchased.
  • For which of these products do you think the brand was the most important influence in your choice? Explain your position.

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