Choose a specific subject area or grade level to examine

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Research the Internet to locate a recent article (within the last five years) on the current status or current issues in curriculum design in one or more countries in Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa.

Compare and contrast curricula in the United States with the country or countries.

Choose a specific subject area or grade level to examine.

Reference no: EM131085267

Change focuses on unlocking human potential

Leading positive change focuses on unlocking human potential. As a nurse manager with the responsibility to develop staff members to become competent in leading positive chang

Working with children-adolescents and their families

Discuss the issues to be considered in working with children, adolescents, and their families. Critically discuss competence, consent, confidentiality, reporting, competing

How would demographic factors affect your work

How would demographic factors such as racial or ethnic group or socio-economic status affect your work with this couple? What do you think may be "causing" some of the discord

Automated citation manager to perform

Select one theme discussed in chapters 10 through 13 of our textbook. Go to and search for published articles on that theme. Filter your results to show o

Discuss the various types of private and social insurance

Identify and discuss the various types of private and/or social insurance available in and through your state and local government. Relate the application of social insurance

Can music therapy shape desired behaviors in children

Select one of the non-experimental methods that you read about this week (naturalistic observation, ethnography, case history, sociometry, archival study, survey, and correl

Select the competitive advantage model

Select the competitive advantage model that you believe would be the best for your shoes / country, and support your choice. Why did you select such a model over others?

Wollstonecraft affect first-wave feminism

How did Mary Wollstonecraft affect first-wave feminism? How did Simone de Beauvoir's writing shape the second wave? How did the events of the first and second wave affect each


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