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"I could see how not having kids and being a children's counselor could be an issue"

Parenting is often an area we all have strong feelings about. A related issue is privacy and decision making by minors who seek counseling. In many states, any child 13 or over is able to seek mental health treatment without parental consent. This means that technically, its "their" therapy. In fact, they can even enter a psychiatric institution without consent (don't worry, that rarely happens...its almost always the parent that wants it in the few cases that a child goes to a psych hospital). 

BUT...the practical truth is that hospitals won't accept )and either will most counselors in the outpatient world) a child whose parent isn't involved. So, theirs the legal versus the practical part of this. However, if something goes wrong, you have to be prepared to show how you followed the law AND the best interests (safety, etc) of the client. And to your supervisor!

Any other ideas about this area of possible bias (pros or cons?)

Reference no: EM13196417

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