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Your best friend owns a small children's clothing store located in the downtown area of a community of 50,000 citizens. Business has been slow the past year due the construction of several new strip malls and a new Wal-Mart store (Increased competition). She discovered you were taking an online marketing class, asked you for your advice for ideas that would increase her sales (She owns her present building and will not relocate her business, even though the downtown area is losing stores to the new strip malls). Based on what you have learned in this course what would you tell her.

Reference no: EM131340396

Economy after sammy payment

Show the immediate changes on Bad Boys Bank's balance sheet resulting from Sammy's payment. Ultimately, what will be the total amount of new loans in the economy after Sammy's

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1. Compare the operation of Stop-and-Wait ARQ with bidirectional Go-Back-N ARQ with a window size of 1. Sketch out a sequence of frame exchanges using each of these protocol

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Country Bank files a financing statement in Indiana. The financing statement provides Chmelik's correct name, his business address and a reasonable description of the copyri

Addressing the triple bottom line

Why is collaboration essential for addressing the triple bottom line? What could help us reach out to academic disciplines beyond business to include their knowledge and exp

Analysis of large scale change principles

Write a one-page analysis describing D, V, F, and R, and describing how these factors helped create change, or describe what was missing that made the change difficult.

Investing in information technology

An independent technology consultant working with Margaret Smith, owner of JavaBooks, a bookstore and coffee shop. You initially met her at a networking meeting and had so

Evaluate the potential resistance from stakeholders

AMP-492: Evaluate the potential resistance from stakeholders. Discuss the reasons for the resistance, at what point the resistance will likely occur, and some strategies for

Policies and regulations and choose one monumental policy

In 2-3 pages (not counting cover and references), please review all policies and regulations and choose one monumental policy or regulation and give an in-depth evaluation.


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