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1. Dillards has hired marketing researchers to help them determine which handbag designers they will stock their sales floor with this fall. The researchers surveyed 100 customers to determine if there was a preference for one particular designer. Below are the results.

a. Complete the table and use a chi-square analysis to report the findings from the following scores. Be sure to correctly report the chi-square value, degrees of freedom and the p value. Also include the critical value.

b. Was there a significant difference found between customer preferences and the four different designers?

Expected value           Observed value

Michael Kors               X                                 17

Coach                          X                                 33

Kate Spade                 X                                 38

Burberry                      X                                 12

2. A researcher wanted to see if people's happiness could be increased over the course of a week. In one group, she had participants engage in random acts of kindness, the second group began practicing gratitude, the third group engaged in both random acts of kindness and a gratitude practice and in the fourth (control group) she had them write about 3 things that happened to them each day. Below are the results obtained from the study.

Be sure to answer ALL questions below.




Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Between Groups






Within Groups












A. How many groups were used in this study?

B. How many participants were used in the study?

C. Report the findings the way we practiced in class, including the F ratio, degrees of freedom, the obtained statistic and your p value.

D. Were the results from this study significant? How did you arrive at this conclusion?

Reference no: EM131051671

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