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Chemlabs uses raw materials I and II to produce two domestic cleaning solutions, A and B. the daily availability of raw material I and II are 150 and 145 units, respectively. One unit of A consumes 0.5 units of I and 0.6 of II. One units of B consumes 0.5 of I and 0.4 of II. Profit per unit of A and B are 8$ and 10$ respectively. Daily demand for A lies between 30-150. Daily demand for B lies between 40-200.Find optimal production amount of A and B.

Reference no: EM13757663

Learning model be adopted for budgeting-financial management

A project has an actual first unit cost of $72.8 million. Four additional and similar units are to be financed by bank loans and constructed in sequential fashion. The bankers

Find an opportunity to demonstrate servant leadership

Find an opportunity to demonstrate servant leadership in your organization or community through volunteering or serving others. The experience should be something that is new

Concept of value of a loyal customer

Joe, the owner manager of Joe's Barbeque, has recently become acquainted with the concept of Value of a Loyal Customer (VLC). He had always rather intuitively thought that h

Crisses made payments on contract with checks payable

Homeowners Jim and Lisa Criss hired Kevin and Cathie Pappas, doing business as Outside Creations, to undertake a landscaping project. Kevin signed the parties' contract as "Th

A property title search firm is contemplating

A property title search firm is contemplating using online software to increase its search productivity. Currently an average of 40 minutes is needed to do a title search.

What measures would prevent its recurrence

Describe an incident, possibly involving yourself, in which bypassing occueerd. Analyze spe specifically why it occurred, what might have been done to prevent its occurrence,

Dilemma of finding suitable rewards for high performance

As a manager in a small local firm you have been told that because of the poor economy workers cant be given any pay raises this year. you have some really hard working and hi

Entity issues bonds on december

An entity issues bonds on December 31,20x1 with the following characteristics: The bonds pay interest on June 30 and December 31 of each year. What is the interest expense o


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