Chemical formula for nonstoichiometric material

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If cupric oxide (CuO) is exposed to reducing atmospheres at elevated temperatures, some of the Cu2+ ions will become Cu+.

(a) Under these conditions, name one crystalline defect that you would expect to form in order to maintain charge neutrality.

(b) How many Cu+ ions are required for the creation of each defect?

(c) How would you express the chemical formula for this nonstoichiometric material?

Reference no: EM13877340

Determining the range of compositions

For the MgO-Al2O3 system, what is the maximum temperature that is possible without the formation of a liquid phase? At what composition or over what range of compositions wi

Approximate percentages of the microconstituents

For parts (a), (c), (d), (f), and (h) of Problem 10.20, determine the approximate percentages of the microconstituents that form. (a) Rapidly cool to 250(C (480(F), hold for

Compute the dipole moment

If an externally applied electric field produces a 5% expansion of the lattice, compute the dipole moment for each Na+-Cl- pair. Assume that this material is completely unpo

Diffract meter and monochromatic x-radiation

Figure shows an x-ray diffraction pattern for a-iron taken using a diffract meter and monochromatic x-radiation having a wavelength of 0.1542 nm; each diffraction peak on th

Compute the theoretical density of diamond

Compute the theoretical density of diamond given that the C-C distance and bond angle are 0.154 nm and 109.5°, respectively. How does this value compare with the measured de

Determining the average atomic weight

with an atomic weight of 51.9405 amu, 9.50% of 53Cr, with an atomic weight of 52.9407 amu, and 2.37% of 54Cr, with an atomic weight of 53.9389 amu. On the basis of these dat

Determine the acceleration potential

Determine the acceleration potential (in Volts) that must be applied to electrons so that in an electron diffraction experiment of {200} planes of silver, Ag, they will result

Calculating reaction at support we say centorid of triangle

In Uniformly varying load in simply supported beam, when we are calculating reaction at support we say centorid of triangle will be at 2x/3 from a to b. but, when calculatin


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