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Consider a super market checkout service line,If a supermarket plan to change 70% of the check out stations to customer self check outstations, using the related ISO 9001:2015 clauses to discuss (a) How the management will communicate this change internally and externally.(b) What are the factors of quality management system related to this change. (c) List of the ISO 9001:2015 clauses related to this change.(Six Sigma &ISO Standards)

ref: Gitlow, H.S., Levine, D.M., “Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions: Foundations, DMAIC, Tools, Cases, and Certification”, Prentice Hall, 2005. Craig Cochran,

“ISO 9001:2015 in Plain English”, Paton Professional, 2015.

Reference no: EM132184174

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