Chebyshevs theorem to tell probability number lies

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In a certain distribution, the mean is 50 with a standarddeviation of 6. Use Chebyshev's theorem to tell the probability thaa number lies in the following interval. Round your results to thenearest whole percent. Less than 20 or more than 80.

Reference no: EM13336098

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I'm writing a literary analysis paper on the book series The Ranger's Apprentice. what I need to know is, when writing such a paper, what notation do you use to show a title i

Relationships showing grace is appropriate and inappropriate

Define and interpret this concept in your own words, and explain under what conditions and in what relationships showing grace is appropriate and inappropriate.

Discussing new federalism

From the 1970's to the present, a shift in evolution of public policy moved toward a New Federalism. How did this effect public policy? Was this positive or negative? Why?


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