Charge of organizing dinner-dance concert for local charity

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You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo.

Develop a scope statement for this project that contains examples of all the elements (Deliverables, Milestones, Technical Requirements, Limits and Exclusions, Customer Review). Assume that the event will occur in 4 weeks and provide your best guess estimate of the dates for milestones.

Reference no: EM132280613

Business components be accounted for in sustainability plan

How should business components be accounted for in a sustainability plan? Include an explanation of backup and recovery protocol/procedure along with disaster recovery and the

Assess potential global strategies for the organization

Evaluate potential business level strategies for the organization. Assess potential corporate level strategies for the organization. Assess potential global strategies for the

What would operational advantage limited or focused strategy

Why do companies (retailers) expand their product like food or drugs? Think about which companies have done so, what have they had to do to accommodate the product lines. List

Effective communication and competitive advantage

What is the relationship between effective communication and competitive advantage? If you were asked to design a training program to help managers become better communicators

Facility location decision

How would a facility location decision for our company differ from one for a service organization? Discuss five metrics which should be used when selecting a new production fa

Partly due to the success of howard johnson

Which of the following are lessons from the fall of Howard Johnson's? The retail giant Sears has carried out all of the following strategic moves EXCEPT: Howard Johnson's rest

The use of technology in public health research

In this discussion, we will be talking about the use of technology in public health research, and also the use of social media for the delivery of health information messages

Primary value chain activities

Which of the following are primary value chain activities? What is the most logical relationship between a sustainable competitive advantage and an organizational strength?


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