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1. Some of the distinct qualities characterize a relationship between an enterprise and a customer. For example, a business relationship is mutual, interactive, iterative, and _________.

a. Asymmetric

b. Transactional

c. Requires a change in behavior for both parties

d. Loyal

2. What is a balanced scorecard using the four perspectives of financial, customer, internal business processes.

3. Descriptions of the features and benefits of three popular CRM's.

Reference no: EM131437819

Based on the plotted data points

Ten samples of 15 parts each were taken from an ongoing process to establish a p-chart for control. Develop a p-chart for 95 percent confidence (1.96 standard deviation). Base

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Common means of exploiting end user access to web

Name two (2) common means of exploiting end user access (hacking) to web or other on-line systems. For each means of exploiting the system, explain what can be done, if anythi


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