Characteristics of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

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What are the key characteristics of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes?

Reference no: EM132280060

Equilibrium potential for sodium ion

Suppose that the equilibrium potential for sodium ion across a skeletal muscle is +66 mv at a temperature of 37 degree celcius when the external concentration is 145 mM

Effect of coupling photosystem i from photosytem ii

What is the effect of coupling photosystem I from photosytem II on the reaction? If you were to develop chemical herbicides, what are some ways you could kill weeds by targing

Fuel for growth and development

The human body requires fuel for growth and development. Macro and micronutrients are essential fuels for maintaining a healthy diet. There are a number of people on diets t

What do you predict will happen during the cell cycle

In order to ensure that chromosomal DNA is replicated once and only once in each cell cycle, eukaryotic cells have evolved a complex system of control involving Cdc6, a pre-

Mutation fall relative to the clusters

Determine where are the hydrophobic or hydrophilic residues concentrated? Where does your mutation fall relative to these clusters and to the inside or outside of the protein?

Explian the different levels of protein structure

describe the different levels of protein structure and their effects upon the final functional protein. What forces are important in shaping and maintaining how amino acids

Discuss the major diagnostic use in clinical biochemistry

The analysis of enzymes in blood plasma has played a significant role in the diagnosis of many diseases. Two of these serum enzymes are Lactate Dehydrogenase and Creatine Kina

Passports-appeals and justice

Amanda Knox was an American student in her early 20's studying abroad at a university in Perugia, Italy. In November 2007 she was arrested, later charged and in 2009 she was


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