Characteristics of a cylinder under cross flow conditions

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Experiment can be used to investigate heat transfer associated with flow past cylindrical tubes either in isolation or in banks of various configurations. Flow patterns upstream and downstream of a bank of tubes can also be investigated.

There is an operator's manual available for experiment in which there is a full description of all variables that can be investigated.

To determine the heat transfer characteristics of a cylinder under cross flow conditions when the cylinder is isolated.

Each student should show the analysis of one set of data (i.e. for a single air speed), including plots of (T-Ta) and In (T-Ta) against time and details of the calculation of the heat transfer coefficient a for the velocity.

All students in the group should then share these results so that a table of v and a, can be produced. This table will be included in all individual reports. Students as a group should agree that the results appear correct and check any result which seems unreasonable. All other aspects of the report should be an individual's own work.

Individual students should then use this table to plot Nu against Re and determine K and n in the expression: Nu = K.Ren, these values should be compared with values given in the literature.

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Reference no: EM13850545

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