Characteristic of facility with little excess capacity

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1. Which of the following would be a characteristic of a facility with little excess capacity?

A) Allows a facility to be very flexible and to respond to wide swings in the demands placed on it B) Costs money and therefore can decrease efficiency C) Requires proximity to customers and the rest of the network D) Will likely be more efficient per unit of product it produces

2. Walmart's supply chain features clusters of stores around distribution centers, which facilitates

A) high transportation costs. B) frequent but inexpensive replenishment at the stores. C) rapid design cycles from their R&D group. D) sharing of information with suppliers.

Reference no: EM131442344

Management trainee at the continental packaging company

As a management trainee at the Continental Packaging Company, you are currently assigned to the office of the operations manager, Jim Hartman. Your job is to help him and to l

Caclulate quick wheels capacity in alignments per week

Fred's Quick Wheels has one bay dedicated to alignments. The garage normally is open only on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon. Caclulate Fre

Who wants to create a culture of innovation

Suppose that you are the CEO of a technology company who wants to create a culture of innovation. What types of innovative people you need and how do you work with them in ord

According to the pareto principle

The value a customer could create for the enterprise, if the enterprise made the right offerings at the right time, According to Pelin Turunc, the pharmaceutical industry disc

Distinguish why the anticipatory aspect of control

Distinguish why the anticipatory aspect of control is so important to the department. Provide an example of how not looking forward can cause harm? What tools would you use to

Harvard business review reported an interesting study

The Harvard Business Review reported an interesting study on EQ (Emotional Intelligence). This five year study measured more than 100,000 executives, managers, and employees a

Goal-setting theory to reduce turnover in nursing sector

You are a newly hired healthcare administrator at a local hospital. The hospital has experienced recent high turnover in the nursing sector. You are to develop a motivational

Condominiums with homeowners associations

One's home (whether a house or an apartment) is typically thought of as one's castle. But not so in the condominiums with homeowners associations (HOAs) in Jefferson County, C


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