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In today’s turbulent economic climate, it is no longer safe to assume that an organization that was highly successful yesterday will continue to be so tomorrow, or that it will even be in existence. Changing times exact the best from strategic planners. Think about the situations currently facing the auto industry. What issues should be assessed in designing a strategic plan for an organization in the auto industry over the next three- five years ?    

Reference no: EM131437741

Firms lack of capability to deliver high quality products

One of your new suppliers, Kim, has been hearing rumors about your firm’s lack of capability to deliver high quality products and writes an email asking you to address the cla

Wholesalers as channel members or sell directly to retailers

Janet Hains is an entrepreneur and former afterschool programmer administrator. She has been monitoring the education industry for potential trends that may provide an opportu

Made a contract to construct a house for subsequently

A made a contract to construct a house for B. Subsequently, B sued A for breach of contract. A raised the defense that the contract was not binding because it was not scaled.

Project manager and functional manager on variety of project

Manager A is a department manager with thirty years of experience in the company. For the last several years, he has worn two hats and acted as both project manager and functi

Employ to build and maintain the brand and customer loyalty

Select a current product with which you are familiar, and pitch a new Integrated Marketing Communication plan (IMC) to your client. Identify any considerations you will need t

Considered an unethical buzz marketing strategy

Which of the following is NOT considered an unethical buzz marketing strategy? The difference between distribution centers and storage warehouses is that distribution centers

Air transportation safety and system stabilization act

Discuss how the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act and the Homeland Security Act both financially assisted the airlines and increased their financial burde

Analyze your short term career goals

In this Assignment you will begin your career search on the website of the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics for your degree that you have earned. For e


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