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In order to successfully redesign jobs, managers need to consider not only changing the technological components of each job; they need to also ensure that any technological change causes minimal or no disruption to the existing social system in which the work is performed.' Discuss.

Your answer should include discussion of the concept of socio-technical systems. Good answers will also examine some of the other factors that should be considered in when redesigning jobs in addition to the technical aspects (such as the psychological needs of employees, the ‘orientations to work' of employees in the organisation including whether all employees want enriched jobs, and the role of the business strategy of the organisation).

As a starting point, you should first read Chapter 5 of the text, commencing at page 186.

In addition, the following article provides a good overview of the issues: Mortimer, D., and O'Connor, C. (2014). Designing Jobs: Universal Principles or Strategic Choice?

International Employment Relations Review, Volume 20, Number 2, pp 48-67 A minimum of 4-6 academic references are required, in addition to the textbook. Word Limit: 1800 (there are penalties for exceeding this word limit)

Reference no: EM13843018

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