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Margot is a 25-year-old, recreationally active female who is just beginning to train for a half marathon. She weighs 128 lbs and is 5'4" tall. She comes to you for advice regarding her training diet. She tells you that she currently does most of her long runs first thing in the morning before breakfast because she's heard that this can burn more fat. You have her complete a diet log and she currently eats ~2100 kcals per day (55% CHO, 15% protein, and 30% fat). You measure her resting metabolic rate in the laboratory and determine it is 1200 kcals/d. For this post, outline your overall diet recommendations (total kcals, composition, sources of macronutrients) for Margot, including specific information for the optimal meal to consume before, during, and after exercise. In your post, please address how your diet recommendations would affect both the acute and chronic response to exercise (make sure to discuss how diet would affect the hormonal response to exercise). Do you agree with her decision to complete her training in the morning before breakfast? How would her fuel use profile during exercise differ if she did or did not eat breakfast? Be sure to include the control or associated feedback mechanisms that may change the fuel substrate.

Reference no: EM13295856

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