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I. Introduction: (200-220 words)

Should include the following:

Introduction about Change Management

A brief Background of Pfizer as an organization

Objectives of the assignment (refer to the assessment requirements- assignment question,

II. Main Body: (1,600- 1,800 words)

Should include the following:

a. Critical analyses of structural implications for organizational change

o Discussion of the concepts of organizational structure.

o Application of the concepts to for organizational change

b. Analytical evaluation of leadership style and behavior-in relevance to organizatic


o Discussion of applicable theory on leadership style and behaviour.

o Relevant application of the theory base on the leadership style and practi

Pfizer authority

c. Plan for continuous change management and organizational effectiveness of th


o Presentation of innovative plan for continuous change management and

organizational effectiveness

o Significant tabular explanation of the plan

III. Conclusion: ( 200 words )

Summary of the major highlights or Important points of the discussion

o Should be drawn according to the objectives of the assignment

mentioned in the introduction.

IV. Reference: 8 sources

o Minimum of 5 books plus other sources)

o Use Harvard Referencing


Ve.15%-v. effectiveness, Jordan Cohen, found that the "Harvard MBA Staff we hired to develop strategies and innovate were instead googling and making power point."

Indeed internal studies conducted to find out just how much time valuable talent was spending in menial tasks was startling. The average Pfizer employee was spending 20% to 40% of his or her time on support works (creating documents, typing notes, doing research, manipulating data and scheduling meetings) and only 60% to 80% on knowledge work (strategy, innovation, networking, collaborating, critical thinking). And the problem wasn't just at lower levels. Even the highest-level employees were affected. That's when Cohen began looking for solutions. The solution he choose turned out to be outsourcing numerous knowledge-processes to companies based in India.

Initial tests of outsourcing to support tasks didn't go well at all. However, Cohen continued to tweak (squeeze) the process until everything worked. Now Pfizer employees can clock the OOF (Office of the Future) button in Microsoft outlook, and they are connected to an outsourcing company where a single worker in

India receives the request and assigns it to a team. The team leader calls the employee to clarify the request. The team leader then emails back a cost specification for the requested work. At this point, the Pfizer employee can say yes or no. Cohen says that the benefits of OOF are unexpected. Time spent on data analysis has been cutsometimes in half. The financial benefits are also impressive. And Pfizer employees loved it. Cohen says, "it's kind of amazing. I wonder what they used to do."

Source: FAST COMPANY by A. Cohen. Copyright 2008 by Mansueto Ventures LLC

Assessment Requirements:

1. Describe and critically evaluate what Pfizer is doing.

2. Discuss the concepts of organizational structure and critically analyze the structural implications (in terms of dimension) utilized by Pfizer.

3. Analytically apply and evaluate what relevant theory on leadership  style and behaviour practiced by the senior director of Pfizer in its accomplishment.

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Reference no: EM13666944

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