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The chance of getting a child with type B is 18.75%. Besides, AB blood group constitutes 56.25%. The type O chance is 6.05%. Therefore, the mother and the father has the highest chance of getting a child with type AB blood because type A and B alleles are dominant over others (Benowitz, Hukkanen, & Jacob 2009). How do they get 56.25% chance of AB blood, for example?"

Reference no: EM131373588

Multiple choice questions - basic genetics

A population is reproductively isolated. Determine which of the following is primarily responsible for the introduction of new alleles at genetic loci into the population?

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calculate the Shannon-Wiener index (H0) for each plot. I've broken the data above into three separate tables for your calculations. Fill in the following three tables and ca

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How can you determine the number of loci (genes) controlling a quantitative trait (Castle-Wright)? What is the difference between a population and a sample? What makes a good

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What specific effects might these toxins have on neuron function.  How various plants of each of the four phenotypes do you expect.

Scientific inquiry in biology starts by observing the living

Scientific inquiry in biology starts by observing the living species around you. What separates science from the other methods of seeking truth is that it is testable (e.g., o

Estimating fraction of the progeny

Spotting in suppies is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. If the trait had a 25 percent reduction in expressivity. What fraction of the progeny would be spotted?

Accurate copies of dna produced by polymerase chain reaction

The graph demonstrate the number of accurate copies of DNA produced by polymerase chain reaction.  What can you conclude about cycles 18–26?


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