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Complete a report based on the assignment file. Report has to be (12 pages with 1.5 spacing, font 12) and have to follow the requirements in the assignment.What is required

• Consider that you are a senior consulting engineer and that you need to explain the topic in a written report to your customer, who is the managing director of a large company, and a commerce or law graduate.

• Provide a briefing paper similar to the Corrosion Assignment - Galvanising.

• Your briefing paper should deal with one of the following topics:

o Electrical double layer capacitor
o Lithium ion battery
o Dye sensitized solar cell.

• Your briefing paper should have the following format (max 12 pages with 1.5 spacing, font 12).

o Introduction (covering the description and theoretical background) of the device (students are encouraged to put schematic diagram to clarify their description),

o Design for the device (students are encouraged to put schematic diagram to clarify their design),

o Materials used for the device construction, and

o Market status and future prospects including challenges for the improvement of the device.

• Provide a briefing paper so that it is easily understood by such a customer.

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Reference no: EM13856395

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