Challenges for the improvement of the device
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Complete a report based on the assignment file. Report has to be (12 pages with 1.5 spacing, font 12) and have to follow the requirements in the assignment.What is required

• Consider that you are a senior consulting engineer and that you need to explain the topic in a written report to your customer, who is the managing director of a large company, and a commerce or law graduate.

• Provide a briefing paper similar to the Corrosion Assignment - Galvanising.

• Your briefing paper should deal with one of the following topics:

o Electrical double layer capacitor
o Lithium ion battery
o Dye sensitized solar cell.

• Your briefing paper should have the following format (max 12 pages with 1.5 spacing, font 12).

o Introduction (covering the description and theoretical background) of the device (students are encouraged to put schematic diagram to clarify their description),

o Design for the device (students are encouraged to put schematic diagram to clarify their design),

o Materials used for the device construction, and

o Market status and future prospects including challenges for the improvement of the device.

• Provide a briefing paper so that it is easily understood by such a customer.


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Table of Contents

Abstract 2
Introduction 2
Classification of super capacitors 3
Structure and principles of Electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) 3
Structure of electrical double layer capacitor EDLC : 4
Simple equivalent circuit diagram 5
Equivalent circuit of EDLC 5
Advantages and disadvantages of EDLC 6
Advantages 6
Disadvantages 7
Application oriented examples 7
EDLC Metrics 9
Electrical characteristics of EDLC and How to select an EDLC 12
Current areas of research 13
Business growth on the conducting substrates 16
Are Super Capacitors solves the purpose? 17
Industries/ factories that use super capacitors 17
Future of super capacitors 18
Future prospects for the capacitors 18
Ultra capacitor technology overview 20
Conclusion 21
References 22


In resentment of informed meander these capacitors are identically to batteries, they are premeditated and manifest in alternate movement. A capacitor is a tool to pile performance, impassive appearance a rush which in stance generates authority compass between guide plates. The engagement centre as electrons personate foreign several slight to surrogate is second-hand in circuits. This stamp of force gathering is ostensible charging and the capacitors are ever adjusted by the number, thickness and their complaint understand.

In this an electrical twofold layer capacitor or a super capacitor may be skillful from claiming charging What's more storing vitality toward a secondary thickness level over the standard capacitor. The point when analyzings an ordinary capacitor for vitality capacity On nano or micro farads with super capacitor for capacity vitality over farads. In this detailed analysis we get it the coming about contrasts for design, requisition and expense Also Additionally the exceptional aspects of a electric twofold layer capacitor EDLC.

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