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Under what circumstances should a company's management team give serious consideration to bidding aggressively to win contracts to supply private-label footwear to chain retailers in a particular geographic region?

1. When the data in the latest Competitive Intelligence Report indicates that all of the winning bidders for P-L contracts sold more than 500,000 pairs of P-L shoes

2. When the company's market share for branded footwear in geographic region is below the industry average and all the sellers of the private-label footwear in the prior year made money on their p-l contracts

3. When the cost benchmarking data in the latest FIR indicates that all sellers of p-l footwear in that geographic region had a margin over direct costs of more than $0.50 per pair of p-l footwear sold to chain retailers

4. When chain retailers want to purchase p-l footwear with an S/Q rating that is 2-stars or more below last year's industry average for branded footwear

5. When the company has excess production capacity in one or more geographic regions that would otherwise be idle (b/c the # of pairs branded footwear that company management is planning to produce is below full production capacity

Reference no: EM131033668

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