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In 2009, there was a major H1N1 pandemic. For further information, research the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization data and statistics relating to the national and global findings. Put this research data in a table to compare and contrast morbidity and mortality rates among the United States and three other countries of your choice. Next, as a healthcare manager, list three salient decision-making strategies that you would use at your hospital to reduce the spread of an epidemic.

Reference no: EM131158432

Full review of the stewardship links

Based on a full review of the Stewardship links at , how do you think the company's culture affects its ability to execute strategy and operate with excellence?

Stewardship tab at the bottom of the page

Go to the company website for REI ( Click on the Stewardship tab at the bottom of the page, and then click on some of the tabs below to learn more about the com

Various racial and ethnic categories

1. Why do various racial and ethnic categories of the U.S. population have different social standing? 2. How well informed were you regarding end of life care before taking th

Differences between proactive and reactive police strategies

Question 1: Discuss the differences between proactive and reactive police strategies. Give a real-life example. Question 2: Describe the different types of informants utilized

Plan for an organizational strategy

Develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy. Research a company that has undergone (or attempted to undergo) a shift in organization or cult

Differences between effective and successful managers

Our author discusses differences between effective and successful managers. From an employer perspective, which is more important, effective or successful managers? Why?

International advertising campaigns

How does culture affect international advertising campaigns? Provide an example of an international advertising campaign which was unsuccessful owing to cultural differences

Supply management professionals

Question: Most supply management professionals agree that obtaining materials at the right price can mean the difference between a firm's success or failure. Why do you thin


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