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Course Conclusion Paper (200 Points): This will be a concluding paper for the course. The theme of this paper will be centered around the future of law enforcement. Your paper should address these three key issues: · Assume that you are a police planner and have been asked to present a “crystal ball” view of policing as it will appear ten years into the future. What are some of the changes that you would include that will likely occur in society and what will the impact of these changes be on policitle page associated with this paper. A reference page should be attached if appng? Why is projecting and predicting into the future difficult? · How do you think changing demographics in the U.S. will affect law enforcement? How will the police have to respond to these changes? · Do you think it will be essential for police departments to leave the reactive, traditional method of policing and embrace the problem-solving approach in the future? Explain your response. You should have a tilicable. You should take everything that you have learned in this course to base your opinions on in this paper. Paper length should be no greater than 7 pages including your title page and reference page if applicable. Please remember to use APA format\

Reference no: EM13516199

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