Categorical imperative and utilitarian perspective

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Suppose your holiday company has a website for customer reviews. In spite of your best efforts of cleanliness, on one trip your staff accidentally served contaminated food and everyone became ill with food poisoning. One of those clients from that trips writes a poor review because of that experience. Is it ethical to delete this review from your site? Consider both, categorical imperative and utilitarian perspective.

Reference no: EM131027372

Discuss the economic-political-educational-family

Briefly discuss the economic, political, educational, family, and marital systems of a country of your choice. Include a response to the following questions in your discussi

Minimize its total annualized inventory-related costs

A coffee shop uses approximately 250 pounds of a particular type of coffee every week. The shop is open 52 weeks a year. The annual carrying charge for the coffee is 20%. If 1

How does a table differ from a datasheet

How does a table differ from a datasheet? What is a Data Type Gallery, and when would you use it in Access? How and why would you import a table from Excel? From Word? What st

What does the foreign corrupt practices act make illegal

What does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act make illegal? Do you agree with the purpose of this law? If so, explain why. Or do you think that Congress in passing this law, exc

Develop key performance indicators for financial targets

Develop key performance indicators (K.P.I.) for operational and financial targets and amend existing operational plans to include KPIs and financial targets rela


Self-efficacy is: a. how efficient a worker is at completing tasks b. a person’s belief that he or she has the competency to complete a job successfully c. measured by the Mye

Policy statement is specific or ambiguous

Determine and state whether or not the following policy statement is specific or ambiguous. If you say ambiguous, rewrite the statement to mitigate the problems you identify. 

Provide two insights on conflict in organizations

Provide two insights on conflict in organizations. Is conflict in organizations good or bad? Can conflict be avoided? Should all potential issues that can lead to increased co


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