Cash account is in unexpectedly good shape at present time

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Your company plans to spend $95,000 in four years to improve productivity at its central office. However, the company’s cash account is in unexpectedly good shape at the present time and the administration decides to pursue the project now rather than wait. If the company uses at interest rate of 12%, how much can it afford to spend today instead of spending $95,000 in four years? Round your answer to the nearer dollar.

Reference no: EM13737009

Saw increasing wages and increasing worker productivity

In the late 1990s, the U.S. economy consistently saw increasing wages and increasing worker productivity. If wages rise, how does aggregate supply change? If productivity rise

Tax should be levied on employers or employees

Suppose that Jean is an unskilled worker who is making the market wage of $7 per hour and that the market for unskilled labor is competitive. Assume there is no minimum wage.

Find more shrinking-more corruption

Explain why you tend to find more shrinking, more corruption, and more inefficiency in large firms than you do in small firms and explain why you tend to find more shrinking,

Company has linear demand curve and cost function

In 2014, Coca-Cola announced that top executives would have bonuses linked to the company’s revenue from soft-drink sales. Explain whether the company’s annual profit will nec

What is the annual equivalent cost for the truck

The initial cost of a pickup truck is $12,859 and will have a salvage value of $4,027 after five years. Maintenance is estimated to be a uniform gradient amount of $181 per ye

Non renewable resources important to the global economy

Land is a resource that has largely been misused and taken for granted. Land is continually improperly utilized. Obviously, the supply of land is fixed. Because of this fact,

Suppose that your marginal federal income tax rate

Suppose that your marginal federal income tax rate is 30%, the sum of your marginal state and local tax rates is 5%, and the yield on thirty-year U.S. Treasury bonds is 10%. Y

Competitive model-price floors-price ceilings-elasticity

Competitive Model, Price Floors, Price Ceilings, Elasticity. Using the Supply and Demand model, show the equilibrium Price and equilibrium Quantity. Label the Consumer Surplus


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