Cases of deflection occur when there is no basis of argument

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A. The most common form of lie that we make on regular basis is White Lie.

1. It assumes that speaking truth would cause more damage and unprecedented situation than a simple and harmless lie.

2. It can be considered as the act of subtle arrogance for the liar deciding what could be best for others.

B. Ignoring the Plain facts is another form of lie wherein ignore the context of situation.

1. When we ignore the facts while dealing in a situation, we are essentially taking a false action and a form of lie.

C. Omission is a form of lie wherein we tend to hide some part of the event.

1. It involves telling majority of the truth to the listener however, hiding some key facts that change the whole story completely.

2. Most common example could be omission lie to parents when we are caught in the unprecedented situation.

D. Deflections a serious for of lie which even can lead to abuses.

1. Cases of deflection occur when there is no basis of argument left and a good liar then starts deflecting from the topic by various forceful lies.

2. Many of the highly skilled deflectors include passive-aggressive individuals those when are accused of the unexpected behavior, primarily refuse towards replying to any of the accusations.

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Reference no: EM13260683

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