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The case summarizes the career of Indian Cricketer Mohammad Shami. Shami was born in a remote village called Sahaspur, Uttar Pradesh. He developed a deep passion for fast blowing from his teenage days and dreamt of playing for the national team. Shami struggled for a year in clubs of Kolkata before getting selected in the Bengal Under­22 team. Sourav Ganguly, former captain of the Indian Cricket Team recognized his talent during net practice sessions and recommended him for the Bengal Ranji team in 2010. Shami was signed on by the Kolkata Knight Riders for the 2011 session of the Indian Premier League. In 2005, Tousif Ali (Ali) sent his 15­year­old son, Mohammad Shami (Shami), from Sahaspur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, North India, to Kolkata in the hope of securing a better future for him in cricket. Ali, himself had been a fast bowler in his younger days in a village team. He saw the deep passion Shami had for cricket as a teenager. He had earlier taken him to Badruddin Siddique, a cricket coach in Moradabad, 22 km from the village. Shami bowled exceptionally well in the under­19 trials but couldn’t make it to the team. With Uttar Pradesh not having an organized club system for cricket, Shami had no choice but to leave his hometown to Kolkata.

Answer the following question.

1. Discuss the importance of patience, perseverance and passion in success.

2. Explain how clubs, state level and domestic matches help grooming of cricketers for the national cricket team.

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Reference no: EM131416617

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