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Radio Frequency (RF) fingerprinting, based onWiFi or cellular signals, has been a popular approach to indoor localization. However, its adoption in the real world has been stymied by the need for sitespecific calibration, i.e., the creation of a training data set comprising WiFi measurements at known locations in the space of interest. While efforts have been made to reduce this calibration effort using modeling, the need for measurements from known locations still remains a bottleneck. In this paper, we present Zee - a system that makes the calibration zero-effort, by enabling training data to be crowdsourced without any explicit effort on the part of users.

Zee leverages the inertial sensors (e.g., accelerometer, compass, gyroscope) present in the mobile devices such as smartphones carried
by users, to track them as they traverse an indoor environment,while simultaneously performing WiFi scans. Zee is designed to run in the background on a device without requiring any explicit user participation. The only site-specific input that Zee depends on is a map showing the pathways (e.g., hallways) and barriers (e.g., walls). A significant challenge that Zee surmounts is to track users without any a priori, user-specific knowledge such as the user's initial location, stride-length, or phone placement. Zee employs a suite of novel techniques to infer location over time: (a) placement-independent step counting and orientation estimation, (b) augmented particle filtering to simultaneously estimate location and user-specific walk characteristics such as the stride length, (c) back propagation to go back and improve the accuracy of localization in the past, and (d) WiFi-based particle initialization to enable faster convergence. We present an evaluation of Zee in a large office building.



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Reference no: EM13309388

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