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1. You are the logistics analyst at and have been asked to do the following:

a. Calculate the financial impact of increasing order fill rates to 98 percent from 92 percent.

b. Develop a strategic profit model of both the old system and the modified system that reflects the suggested adjustments.

Reference no: EM13723275

Compute the ending fifo inventory

Use the format in Exhibit 8-1 to compute the ending FIFO inventory and the cost of goods sold, assuming $90,000 in sales; beginning inventory 500 units @ $50; purchases of 4

The ecosystem-economic supply and demand-social systems

Using an example to illustrate your discussion, explain how you would use models in your professional practice and why you need to be careful with their use. e.g., the ecosyst

Daily cost due to overbooking and opportunity costs

The Titan hotel routinely experiences no-shows (people making reservations and not showing up) during the peak season when the hotel is always full. Simulate 3000 days of oper

How may devaluation be attractive to exporting business

Contrast revaluation and devastation. How may devaluation be attractive to exporting business. What are mexico's trade policies? does their culture affect it? What are Canada'

Two interrelationships between design attributes

You are being contracted to design and build a theme park for a leading entertainment franchise. The following is a list of needs for the theme park, supplied by the customer:

Discuss the two major product issues-quality and safety

Describe the role and functions of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Define the strengths and weaknesses of both regulation and self-regulation. Describe and Discuss the two

What is the definition of management of change

SF 470:What is the definition of Management of Change (MOC) used by the authors in this article?How does the definition differ from another commonly used term Change Managemen

Supervisors do not fully know their subordinates jobs

What happens when HR and management are not in agreement on what to do with an overall strategy? How should HR work through these situations? Why is it that supervisors do not


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