Case study on innocent drinks
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Case Study on Innocent Drinks

None of the issues on the table were ambiguous: Each founder understood the other and the advantages of each strategy- pro and con-were relatively clear. The frustrating thing was that all of their choices were wrapped in uncertainty. It was an important decision, potentially a decision that could make or break the company. And it looked as if they'd have to make it primarily on instinct.

Reed felt strongly that the company should focus. He thought their attempts to do everything had cost them time. But he was not devoted to a single option. Wright was leaning toward the European expansion. Salon thought they could continue to keep both projects moving forward, if they were smarter about it. All three of them were uncomfortable putting the American market on hold, but they felt it might be too much to handle too soon.

Wright joked, "Looks like you're breaking the tie, Rich." Reed nodded and said, "No pressure, though, right?"

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