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Case Study- Midsouth Chamber of Commerce: The Role of the Operating Manager in Information SystemsDiscussion

The discussion includes an analysis of each problem or question. The analysis can include:

• The problem or question and its impact on the main entities involved.

• How the problem or question is linked to the topics we have discussed or read to this point.

• How the problem or question is linked to best practices in industry.

• A solution or multiple solutions and an evaluation of those solutions.

In this course the case studies will have at least one major problem or question. There may be secondary problems or questions but there will be, at most, one or two secondary issues. Use as much space as necessary to provide a rational analysis but if there are more than four or five paragraphs for a given question the analysis needs to be reviewed and made more concise.


Summarize your solutions and explain how those solutions enhence the current situation or resolve the problems in the case. The conclusion must be one to two paragraphs.

Reference no: EM13720266

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