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1. Look at the list of majors at the college you're thinking of attend-ing. Which major do you think you would be best at?

2. What hobby or part-time job do you have that can lead to con-sumer benefit? How can you develop that into something you can put on your resume? What connection can you make between that and the major you are good at?

3. Suppose you've attended college for a semester. You want to study medicine, but you've gotten a C in your chemistry class. What should you consider doing?

4. Suppose you've attended college for a semester. What would have to happen before you Drop Out Now?

5. Are there any government jobs that, despite our advice, you really want to have? What's your best bet to making that a reality? How can you protect yourself in case your dreams don't come true?

6. Knowing what you now know about how college generates a sig-nal, how will that change your attitude toward education?

Reference no: EM13854706

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