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A case study for Strategic Human Resource Management about Siemens Company and there is one question to answer about ethics.

The evaluation will be about ethics and strategic thinking

the word count: 1000 words


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Human Resource Management is a complex process and involves lot of ethical dilemmas (Yang, 2010). Broadly these dilemmas can be defined based on two or more values which are in a conflict(Halawi, McCarthy, & Aronson, 2006 – p 384-397). Those values are basically associated with four vital areas of business that are Conflict of Interest, Human Resources, Proper use of Corporate Resources and finally Confidence of Customers. Fairness in working environment is a very common ethical conflict which is associated with favoritism, discrimination, harassment, etc. (Scholz, 2015).

Dilemmas with the Human Resources also includes the above includes managing a proper work-life balance. Maintaining a healthy customer relationship, developing confidence in them and fiduciary responsibilities are the part of Customer confidence dilemmas (Yang, 2010).Any kind of compromise when made to the set objectives gives rise to conflicts that may involve one or more areas of interest(Gieras, 2008).Therefore the main purpose of HRM (Human Resource Management) is to face those conflicts and solve them in the most effective manner such that it will not hurt any involved components

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