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I need help with this assignment, I only need to do the part where we ANALYZE AND EVALUATE ALTERNATIVES.(ENRON)

Select a case study particular to an ethical dilemma in the workplace, as approved by the faculty member. (OUR CHOICE IS ENRON) There has been, unfortunately, no shortage of ethical problems that have received much media attention over the past several years. Write a 2000 to 2,600-word paper in which you respond to the questions associated with the case.

Needs to be APA formatted and cited.

Determine all the facts: symptoms of problems, root problems, unresolved issues, roles of key players, and ethical issues involved.

Evaluate as well as assess options. (The actual component that's allocate in my experience, must be six hundred phrases)

When the difficulties as well as problems tend to be remote, work on attaining a much better knowledge of leads to. Within exactly what region perform the issues can be found? The reason why? Exactly what triggered all of them? Look at as well as assess the talents as well as weak points from the procedures (at the. grams., preparing, conversation), human being actions, and/or displays (at the. grams., monetary claims, product sales reviews, and so on). Examine the potency of managerial expertise. Would be the goals as well as methods suitable for it's abilities as well as assets?

Decide on the most valid alternative, and make recommendations.

Reference no: EM1379096

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