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Case study - Cheap Goods at What Price


This case study examines the response and all communities hope for economic vitality and different types of growth and economic policy. How the new development of projects and small business owners have disagreed with Big-Mart stores coming into their neighbor.

The new Big-Mart stores are not healthy for the community causing crime rate to be higher and the loss of good jobs. After 10 years of failing stores VanWood Heights decide to open Big-Mart. Big-Mart will open better jobs in the community because VanWood want to increase economic growth and put more money in the community.

After the automobile plant close five years ago, and most families lost their homes and unemployment rate was high. Van Wood Heights zoning law made it difficult for Big-Box and Big-Mart stores to build on.

The wooded area was served as an open field for soccer and baseball games for the youth. After seven years trying to work with the mayor, Maria Thomas and the city council to have the zoning change so that Big-Mart could rebuild.

Van Wood Heights want to open on the side of Big-Mart a health clinic for those on low income and no health insurance even though the citizens reject the new plans.

Many residents take their small town to heart because they fear that larger chain stores will cause harm to the town. The Lindser family who are store owner and all the small business owner on the main street and local grocery feel threaten.

When Big-Mart put a bid in to rebuild they had supporter that was powerful player in numbers. The citizen of Van Wood Heights forms a group of protests in the community against Big-Mart.

The coalition cited that no regions can stop Big-Mart from moving into their town. Stacey Mitchell (2005) wrote article with new stores in the town will help with new jobs and better pay with larger store in the town.

Key Issues

The main interest of Big-Mart is to protect the land in Van Woods Heights a business and the company incentives which is given by government and stakeholders.

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Reference no: EM131047869

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