Case of disparate treatment accusations

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1. How can development of criteria or minimum standards help in a case of disparate treatment accusations?

2. Company Profile: What business is Netflix in, and what value does it provide its customers. In what ways is it different than its competitors? How has its history shaped what it can offer its customers that’s unique in its industry?

3. Many people have expressed the opinion that within about 10 years, we will use one technology, or device, to identify ourselves for all applications where we need to do so, for example: when logging into our computer, unlocking our house, and buying things using our credit accounts. Discuss pros and cons of such a system.

Reference no: EM132280808

Think in terms of currency risk and culture differences

Identify a country your business would want to do business. Identify potential barriers to trade between the United States and the selected country. (IE: think in terms of cur

Create a table which contains the generic resources

Create a table which contains the generic resources, including people, equipment, and materials needed to undertake the project. Note: These are only generic figures to give

Evaluation of objectives in employees performance evaluation

Do you think evaluations of values should revieve equal, more, or less weight that evaluation of objectives (or that the employee accomplished) in employees' performance evalu

Discuss aspect of human resources

Your discussion must address one aspect of human resources and one aspect of performance management, which can be policies or strategies. In addition to the required element

Number of levels between upper management and labor

Let's talk about the number of levels between upper management and labor. In your experience, how do a flat organization (one with only a few levels of difference between uppe

What are four characteristics of high-growth companies

Give a brief description of each of the following problems: transportation, assignment, and transshipment. Your examples should clearly distinguish among the types. why it is

Consider a four link supply chain

Consider a four link supply chain with the following data: Link 1 - using rail - lead time range 4-6 days, Link 2 - using water - lead time 15-21 days, Link 3 - using rail - L

Provide comprehensive health insurance on nationwide scale

What is the basis for the managed care ‘‘backlash’’ in the United States, and why has enrollment in PPOs grown while enrollment in HMOs has declined? How did the enactment pro


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