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Create a UML Use Case diagram from the following requirements:

Tips: (1) Whenever you can say that "Item B is always a type of Item A," or "Item B is always a kind of Item A," that indicates that you have a generalization relationship such that Item B is the specialization and Item A is the generalization; (2) Include relationships are identified when one Use Case always uses another Use Case; (3) Extend relationships are identified when one Use Case sometimes (but not always) uses another Use Case.

"Dear Memphis" is a gift store in Memphis and plans to develop an online store system that can handle online orders and manage inventory. The following is the list of requirements that have been identified through interviews with the store manager. Based on the following requirements, pleaase develop a use case diagram:

  • Customers can browse and search for products; whenever customers view products, data should be retrieved from the inventory file.
  • Customers can place an order; when placing an order, the customer can either sign in using an existing account or create a new account.
  • When an order is placed, the system must check the inventory file first.
  • When placing an order, the customer must provide payment information; payment can be either a credit card or an electronic check.
  • When payment information is received, an order is saved as a new sale in the sales file.
  • When a new sale is made, the system automatically updates the inventory file.
  • The store manager is able to check the inventory level and generate inventory reports using the inventory file.
  • The inventory manager is able to update the inventory file as new shipments are received from suppliers.
  • USPS provides tracking information which is saved into the tracking data file.
  • Customers can look up tracking information based on the tracking data file, but customers must provide order information first to be able to look up tracking information.
  • The store manager can generate weekly sales reports using the sales file.
  • Sales clerk is a kind of store managers and can use the features available for the store manager, but sales clerks do not have access to the sales file

Reference no: EM132280991

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