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Lenny was a resident of Maine and Milly was a resident of Arizona. Both went on vacation to Nevada. When on the golf course, Lenny drove the golf car recklessly, hit Milly, breaking her back. Milly suffered damages of $84,000. Indicate which states could have jurisdiction in this case and state why. Indicate whether the case could be heard in federal court and why.

Reference no: EM131230933

Bank robbery with a dangerous weapon in federal court

The client has been charged with bank robbery with a dangerous weapon in federal court. Give the ALR cite that addresses the question of how the use of an unloaded gun affects

Socialization method that can increase employee retention

Why is employee socialization a method that can increase employee retention? Explain how employees in a traditionally high turnover industry can be retained and you cannot use

Create an inter-department work team

You are a department manger with a need to help create an inter-department work team. You have just completed an internal seminar of developing effective work teams and want t

What factors constrain organizational learning-innovation

How can large, complex health care organizations learn and be innovative? What factors constrain organizational learning and innovation? Please be specific, wide-ranging, anal

Cause the value of your collection to drop in the future

An increase in value of any collection is not guaranteed for a variety of reasons. If you are a collector, What are some of the factors that could cause the value of your coll

Discuss why the two methods result in different results

Explain which of the two options below results in a lower balance after 6 months on an investment of $6,000. Annual simple interest of 12% applied at the end of 6 months. A mo

Associated with managing virtual teams

Identify at least two of the common problems that are associated with managing virtual teams. After identifying the problems, describe a team-building method that could be app

Cause of conflict in cross-cultural teams

Violated expectations are often the cause of conflict in cross-cultural teams due to the result of different cultural rules. However, unmet expectations must be managed effect


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